Ranger RCI-6300F 10-Meter ~450 Watt HAM,CB, AM/FM Radio w/Echo, Counter, Works!~ But selling As-Is..

Msg me: isa @ servergirl.net
Comes With:
* Ranger RCI-6300F w/Power AMP
* Telex Road King RK-56 Microphone
* Antenna w/Cable 
* The rightmost digit of frequency counter is a little dim. (Original digit had a bad segment, was replaced with wrong color :/)
* Look at pics for cosmetic condition. Has some scuffs / scratches - mostly on the sides, there is some dust in heatsink, etc..
* All the fans spin.
* Knobs still shiny oooo, ahhh~ looks pretty.. d(^_ ^ )~

** Requires external speaker for reception - not included. tho i may be able to dig one up...


 From what I can tell via research and a signal meter it's definitely >100Watt as pegged my 100w meter, and could be heard through speakers, TVs, etc.. heh. From comparable units online seems like it probably is 500Watts but I'm listing it as 450 because im just not sure.

 Will power up as shown in pics, but otherwise selling As-Is...   Be careful - start with RF Power knob (far right, outter ring, next to channel knob) set to minimum!

 The included antenna seems to work okay at minimum power. Use this antenna at own risk.