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In 2004 the genius of jeans, Levi, former The 45-year-old Christian Audigier 19 years Diesel Eagle, s Outfitters analysis and old, has been the Sportswear International Dutch architect Audigier Von Christian, Magazine, dubbed “cow” king “, once more than combined with contemporary American tattoo in any job design, fashion brands ed hardy include the godfather maps of classical tattoo designs Levi ’s, Lee, Diesel, Bisou Bisou and Fiorucci in fashion, paints ed hardy handbags into the PUNK elements and make very. In 2004, Audigier determined to launch their costume street culture, daring to create competitive spirit of America’s brand characteristics. design feature in the United States, series of young people and second-hand clothing for inspiration, the products with T shirt, jackets, – the jeans casual shoes, and silver jewelry accessories;,

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