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Isabella Lindquist ~ Proven Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software ~ Control Systems ~ Device Drivers / Controllers ~ Real-Time Operating Systems ~ Gaming Devices

Technically adept and easy-to-work-with programming guru with particular expertise in embedded and low-level C, C++, and Assembly, plus game device electronics full cycle development. Track record of successful development and on-time delivery in both in-house and remote consulting roles. Quick independent learner who can quickly comprehend technical documents and write software conforming to stringent specifications; comfortable documenting libraries and functions / operations as well. Able to work both independently or as part of project or development teams.

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Professional Experience:

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY, Various Locations in US & Abroad 2003 – Present

Computer Vision Programmer, Cubelogic Systems Pty., Australia, 4 months
For parcel measurement equipment manufacturer, quickly researched image processing and image analysis techniques to deliver start-to-finish development project in aggressive 3-month time-frame.

  • First developed prototype in 3 weeks for marketing project to investors, using low-resolution I/R camera that could measure distance and capture RGB video.
  • Designed 3D Cube image analysis and image processing software to detect and measure postal parcels and report volume in unknown ambient environment and lighting.
  • Developed GUI interface with Win32 / C++ / Visual Studio.
  • Implemented Hough transform algorithm for finding lines in images; incorporated image filters such as blur, highpass, subtract, amplify, sharpen, erode, median, and dilate among many others.
  • Developed matrix functions for determining Cartesian intersection point of lines in parametric notation
  • Created and posted full documentation of project –
  • Consulted on design and selection of apparatus, sensors, hardware, cameras, laser range finders, etc. for system.

Technical Reviewer & Editor, No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA, 8 months

Reviewed and edited books for technical book publisher

  • Checked for technical accuracy in many areas of expertise, particularly programming languages, code examples, and how-to and installation instructions.
  • Added illustrative technical anecdotes and additional information on subject matter and wrote portions of The Hacking the Cable Modem book, consulting with author during writing phase.

Reverse Engineer, TCNiSO Corporation, San Diego, CA, 3 years

Coordinated with developers and product managers worldwide on many, often concurrent projects.
Worked with wide range of development tools, programming languages, and devices via internet;

  • Developed hardware and software for loading and debugging firmware on MIPS systems using E/JTAG for Linux and Windows.
  • Crafted several patches to enhance product functionality.
  • Coded device drivers for VxWorks for file-systems and IO devices.
  • Developed circuitry and PCB for E/JTAG interface device and serial port level translators.
  • Conceived and developed diagnostic devices for users.
  • Via understanding of device's functions and capabilities, proposed new product features and better ways to meet design criteria while simplifying design and adding open-ended functionality.
  • Featured on industry websites such as

Systems Engineer, Startup Internet Company, 8 months

Provided systems design, engineering, and administration services for internet company.

Animator, Industrial Nightmare, 5 years

Designed, programmed, maintained, and operated programmable logic controllers that directed operation of robotic ghosts, goblins, and sound effects for entertainment attraction.

  • Created system for capturing guest images in attraction and uploading to internet using color cctv camera and custom software to detect and reject images without patrons.

FUNTRONICS, Jeffersonville, IA. 1998 – 2003

Electronic Designer and Software Developer
Provided design / development of redemption game systems for game manufacturer.

  • Developed game system software and hardware down to component level: systems controlling multiple displays, accepting user and sensor input, and controlling payout mechanics.
  • Included PCB layout and component selection for compliance with FCC Part 15, CE standards testing Teamed with Mechanical Engineers, Marketing, and Management, and worked with vendors including parts suppliers and manufacturing companies.
  • Wrote calibration and testing software.
  • Designed discrete display controller hardware for output to 128x32x4 digital plasma display with shared RAM between CPU and display and on later releases transferred design to CPLD chip.
  • Designed audio circuitry with amplifier for game sound and interrupt / timer-based software driver for audio playback.

PROJECTS – Selection of open source project contributions:

  • NitroFS – Device driver for reading from the read-only Nitro Filesystem used on Nintendo's DS and GBA so that amateur game and application developers may easily store more data than the 4MB RAM limit allows using the same filesystem as factory produced applications.
  • Ring Buffer Libs – a library based on VxWorks's rnglib for creating software based FIFO buffers of various lengths.
  • FIFO/IPC – Library for interprocessor communication, allocating Shared Work RAM, and process synchronization between two ARM CPU cores utilizing hardware fifo buffers.
  • Helped port OpenBSD to mips based modem hardware. implemented interrupt, timer, polled and interrupt based serial drivers sections of the BSP.
  • PPM/EC meter – documented the development, theory of operation, construction, and calibration of a meter for measuring the total amount of salts contained within a liquid. Article is referenced by many aquatic and gardening sites.
  • Also developed and documented libraries for controlling hardware on NDS system managing sprites, backgrounds, audio playback, and synthesis; and controlling visual effects.
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