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Isa Ruins Everything


What is it?

Page full of grrrrrr.....

Rant #1 'day make me happy'

Fucking stupid arse smartphones!! Ffs auto-incorrect just piss off already, just when i think it's safe... i see: "day make me happy" which was supposed 2b "DAT make me happy"....

Feel so much do not belong in this world, because I know ~this~ is so wrong.. utilizing technology to convey ideas shouldn't be a fucking struggle...

Know how thins should actually be, have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring together ideas and create wonderfully elegant usefull things. Like creating better apps, better operating systems even. Used this stuff all day! Just for fun or to help other ppl do things better or so i myself just wouldn't be so damn annoyed and could accomplish even more stuffs by creating and utilizing the proper tools and practices and interacting with others doing the same and sharing ideas and comparing and seeing what works and wat doesn't and well what smartphones have become and the hows and the whys it just does not benefit the user like it should. Theres so much self promotion and profiting and circle-jerking justification for it all that just gah... i mean unless ur using ur phone for some activity that's gonna benefit these assholes - ur better off using a pad and paper or real computer or fucking anything but a goddamned smart phone.

I want so much to implement a new way.. the hardware and technology is incredibly powerful but like wtf at the bullshit wasteful as fuck operating system, and fucktard apps, and adds, and show downs and just w t f?!!?

I want to produce better alternatives, collaborate on larger projects like i used to but I've fallen, i don't know if its lime disease or my mouth and sinuses being so damn infected or if i'm just crazy but I know something is wrong both with me physically and with things like fucking stupid 'smart' auto-uncorrectors, screen flipping around constantly, stupid features that serve only marketing purposes like speech fucking balloons turning a 4 line conversation into some abomination of pixels taking up the entire goddamned screen because wtf ?!! Srsly, I used to chat online like all day every day and would have many many conversations color coded, time-stamped, sorted, organized all on a 80x24 character display - and thats with fancy piped out boarders and blah blah...

i'll find a screen-shot.. then vs. now.. it's really insane...

Rant #2 ... too fucking tired, i give up...

Maybe later... *sighs*


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