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My musics ♪( ^-^)ノ☆♪


What is it?

Here are mp3s, plz enjoy.

Assorted Newer Stuffs

My Soundcloud: My SoundCrowd

My YouTubes (Formally named 'Forbidden Magic'): My YouTube

  • Todo: Add 8bit, compo sites if u can find them

Early Gamey Stuff

Most here is highly Influenced by if not transcriptions/arrangements of music from the Zun's Touhou series of games... particularly from the first five games which ran on the PC-98.. Aka 'the music of the Yougakudan':

WTF is a Tofu?

"Many years ago in Gensokyo, there was a band known as the Yougakudan which dearly loved FM synthesis. Yougaku" refers to a type of music that is in danger of disappearing from today's world, FM synthesis." - Xlated quote from Akyu's Untouched Score Vol. 1 CD

The PC-98 utilized a Yamaha YMBlahblha IC which featured a 3 channel PSG synth and 3 channels of FM systhesis (OPL-N flavor'd). The 3 PSG channels were very similar tonally to the ubiquitious AY-8-8910 3 channel PSG IC used in countless hundreds of arcade games in the 1980s Gyruss - Had Six AY-3-8910s!!, and etc...

Blah, blah, blah...

Mr.Vain Vs. Touhou
Dear friend of mine sent me the old 1990's techno hit Mr. Vain, which brought back flood of memories.. I started playing along with it and thought o wow i should make a Touhou style version, and here it is. Hope you find it amusing I do. :D

Tx81Z Test
I just bought a used Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Module and this is first song I created with it. I need practice editing the sounds more. It comes preset with a lot of rather boring plain tones. Think this turned out okay for first attempt with new sounds.

Made this one ~ July 2010. Really like how it turned out, is very well planned.

This is one I am very happy with, especially the ending which u can hear Just the here w/out the squarewaves, ALL done on SC-88Pro.

Lotus Land Story
title track from Touhou04 Lotus Land Story. Rendered on SK-88Pro. Agonized over this one for a while as it is one of my favorites, finished it months ago but only now listening to it again and isn't so bad. ^_^;

Eternal Shrine Maiden.mp3 (Alt. Arrange)
Alternate arrange ... Pleasing sounding sk88pro arrangement of ESM with nice ending.
Eternal Shrine Maiden.mp3 (Synth Arrange) or (Synth Arrange lossless .flac)
from Touhou01 The Highly Responsive to Prayers, levels 1 ~ 4. Rendered on SK-88Pro. This is a re-recording made after cleaning up my sound system and noticing the previous release sounded horrible. u_u;; Less distortion now than original release. and also changed the drums quite a bit. May make one more go at it this time with particular attention to making the instruments more distinct.

Maple Dream
Another MML, this time an arrangement of the Maple Dream off the Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream soundtrack. Rendered on Nintendo DS. Think this one turned out quite well!☆ ^__^

Pyongyang Solstice
Sorta rockish sounding song made in late december.

Incomplete Happiness
Excited about getting an SK-88pro synth, made this.

Eternal Shrine Maiden PSG
from Touhou01 The Highly Responsive to Prayers, levels 1 ~ 4. Rendered on NDS using the NDS_BGMDRV.


This song is an attempt at creating a Touhouish style composition entirely from scratch. Saying attempt because I feel it falls short, but somehow it persuades me to post itself here.

My first experiment in MML, rendered on Nintendo DS. More information here. ^^

☆ = songs I likes the best :D

Older Than Above

Here are old music page. Songs here are from between 1994 to 2005. Old music page here

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