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  • 19:37, 12 November 2019NuMoOrder (hist)[1,663 bytes]Wikisysop (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "<big>Totally Radial! - Rethinking Touchscreen Interaction</big> __TOC__ ==What is it?== A better way to interact with touch enabled devices!~ Interacting with touch devices...")
  • 23:46, 24 October 2019Sigh (hist)[2,564 bytes]Eris (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "<big>Isa Ruins Everything</big> __TOC__ ==What is it?== Page full of grrrrrr..... ==Rant #1 'day make me happy'== Fucking stupid arse smartphones!! Ffs auto-incorrect just pi...")
  • 19:54, 9 September 2019Adjectives (hist)[185 bytes]Eris (Talk | contribs) (Created page with "==Adjectives== Forsyth says there are eight types of adjectives, which should be used in this order: 1. Opinion 2. Size 3. Age 4. Shape 5. Color 6. Origin 7. Material ...")
  • 22:52, 26 July 2019Bullshit (hist)[631 bytes] (Talk) (Created page with "==What is this?== Some fucking bullshit! Idk, does it let me create yet? Fucking illness Features:<br> * frustration * destruction of credibility ==Where to get it== in ur gr...")
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