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How to make a pink herro kitteh desktop


What is it?

Totally ossum pink hello kitty desktop

Get asked lots about this desktop theme so thought to post a sort of how-to. I'm using Gnome and Ubuntu, so if your not, might has some problems.

Don't be shy! If you see something that could improve, problems, suggestions, or out of date information, correct it please so others can avoid these problems. There is also the discussion page if you have any questions. ^_^

Bikkuri! bikkuri!

Desktop is made up of a few elements: Firstly is the Bikkuri bikkuri theme. This is probably the most important part. Download the theme from the the gnome-look site and install per the instructions. ^^

Since the instructions are sorta hard to find... After downloading the tar.bz2 file:

  • open with archive manager
  • click extract and select your home directory

Then, if you want it installed only for this user type into terminal:

mv ~/bikkuri\ UI ~/.themes/

Or if you want it available for all users:

sudo mv Desktop/bikkuri\ UI /usr/share/themes/

Then goto the System->Preferences->Appearance and it should show up under the Themes tab.. :D

Pastel'd Out Gartoon Icons

Sample of Gartoon-Pastel icons

Secondly is the pastel Gartoon icon set. Modified the original gartoon set to be more pink and cute! :D

You should untar this and place in your ~/.icons directory (or /usr/share/icons/ for system-wide cuteness)

tar -jxf Gartoon-pastels.tar.bz2
mv gartoon-pastels .icons/

Then again goto menu System->Preferences->Appearance select Customize then the icons tab, selecting ofc Gartoon-pastels.

HK Background

The background image

Another important element. Actually am not really much of a hellos kitty fan, was originally going for a darker moons and stars theme at first but once i found bikkuri and this wallpaper knew what must be done. :p

Click on the thumbnail, or just right click here and 'save as' to wherever you normally put your images.

Then right click on some blank bit of desktop, select Change Desktop Background, add new background, etc etc. Select 'Scaled' to make the image fit. Meh desktop used to be 1600x1200 till the poor monitor blew up, now have 1680x1050 but still used Scaled so that it appears proper proportions.

Mareen's Print and Donald Fonts

Gnome font selection box

This really makes it purdy and pleasing to look at. You can download it here or execute these shell commands:

mkdir ~/.fonts  #if this does not already exist no harm in trying...
tar -jxf Mareensprint.tar.bz2
mv mareensprint.TTF ~/.fonts
tar -jxf Donald.tar.bz2
mv DONARG__.TTF ~/.fonts
sudo fc-cache -f -v #rebuild font cache

Then from system menu, go to System->Preferences->Font (Seems on current Ubuntu this has moved to a tab under System->Preferences->Appearance). Set Application, Document, Window Title font to Mareen's Print. Set Desktop to Donald. (Just now uploaded donald font, hope its the right one, if not lemme know plz.) ~_~

Should mention that some fonts and icons will not change untill after reboot..

Gdesklet's StarterBar

The Gdesklets StarterBar ver 0.31.3

Okais for the docking bar at the bottom i used gdesklet's StarterBar ver 0.31.3, its description is "An eye-candy starter bar for GNOME" and really it is! The icons get bigger as you hover over them and will bounce bounce after you click them. Okais, this section is not going to be in much detail, as installed this over a year ago and kind of forgot how, but...

type this at the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install gdesklets gdesklets-data
gdesklets start
  • Right clicky the puzzle pieces icon that hopefully just appeared in the top right of your top bar, like where the volume control is (this may have changed in newer ubuntus they LOVE to change stuff).
  • Select 'Manage Desklets'
  • search by catagory it should be under 'Toolbar/Launchers'
  • select the starter bar and voila! it should create an empty bar, move this to the bottom of screen. :D

You add new launchers to it using the right mouse button, and clickying 'new starter'. To move the bar around either use the third mouse button (works here) or hold alt and use the left mouse button. I prefer it on the bottom but you can put it on the sides or top if you wish.

You will want to add gdeskets to your startup, so from the system menu click system->preferences->session, select the startup programs tab, click "add" button, and type:

gdesklets start

in the box, that should make it restart each time.

Also right click on the desktop and set the font to Maureen's Print for consistency.

Gnome Panel Goodness

Hmmmz, should mention the gnome panel now. By default ubuntu/gnome comes with a panel at the top and one at the bottom, the one at the top is mostly empty, the one at the bottom has the screen switcher, trashcan icon, and windows list.

I prefer the windows list to be at the top, just right click on the empty space of the top bar, and you should get an option to add stuff. Add the windows list, the trashcan, desktop button, at least... screen switcher is optional unless you really use it, since i use beryl dont need it.

While your there may want to add and configure the Weather icon, its just nice to know the local temp. XD

YummiYogurt XMMS Theme

The wuvry yummi yogurt theme!!

Lastly there is the insanely wonderful xmms theme YummiYogurt. O wow! Just realized they have it here for Winamp Too! But the one you want for xmms which runs natively in ubuntu is here.

If you need to install xmms type in terminal, if you have it already skip this bit:

sudo apt-get install xmms

To install the theme itself type in terminal:

tar -zxf yummiyogurtxmms-default-1.tar.gz
mv yummiyogurt ~/.xmms/Skins/

Then right click in xmms select options->skin browser.. and hopefully the yummiyogurt theme is listen, ofc select that and done! :D

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