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Totally Radial! - Rethinking Touchscreen Interaction


What is it?

A better way to interact with touch enabled devices!~

Interacting with touch devices is a pain in the ass!~ Present paradigms seem to implement the interactions with touchscreens based on a combination of historically familiar gestures augmented by futuristic sci-fi visions of the future. Historical examples include linear controls such as sliders, turning knobs, etc... and for sci-fi examples the blame seems equally shared between Tom Cruze's pinch zooming,etc.. actions in Minority Report and every Star Treks flat black glossy switchless, knobless, tactile feedbackless panels first seen in the TNG series.. Which i bet was prolly done more for saving the cost of fabricating sets than a practical estimation of practical machiene interfaces... but anways...FUCK U TOM CRUZE!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!

What should be time & effort saving device is hadicapped by these frustrating as hell guestures and chasing stuff around on flipping screens and while the devices have enough computing power to to like ~anything~ it's slow going as hell if that anything requires input from the user. Go figure that phones are mostly media players and simple game devices anymore..

My ideas on how to improve this experience may not be the bestest ways, but I have given it a buncha tought and even if this sucks i truely hope it inspires someone else to try and be creative and come up with 'the way'... Please!!! Pleeeeeease.

I will present here some of my ideas as well as provide some simple examples in app for real world testing...

Okay, enuff talk.. Lets try the app!


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